You are open, determined, inquisitive, persistent. You are here because you recognize that you are ready to:

► Start your own business

► Accept your fears

► Determine your goals and show your talents to the world

► Achieve your dreams

► Start LIVING your life here and now

We are accountable, patient and accepting. Just bring your intentions and courage. We support our clients on every step of the way providing a trusting and demanding atmosphere to achieve their goals and become a whole self, well rounded, complete, beautiful and divine person. The real you!


You get CLARITY and inspiration. The results are seen in the way you look, live, behave and think.

Both "Breakthrough" and "Transformation" programs make you independent, strong-core, flexible, creative, peaceful, daring, fearless, courageous. Your success in personal life, business, passions or anything really is very personal to us. We are very professional and we make sure you always get what you want.

We are available both on the phone and in person.

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► Initial Consultation:

An initial consultation is FREE. The discussion includes checking the present state of your life, your goals and means of achievement. We analyze your resources, weaknesses, desires,possibilities to define things that have the most importance for you.

► Choosing the best coaching schedule:

We develop the best schedule for you to achieve your goals. It includes the timelines, milestones, expected meeting dates and costs.The optimal timeline is 3 months of coaching with a meeting once a week.

► Confirmation:

The number of coaching sessions is verified by both sides via contract and a start date is agreed upon.

► Coaching process:

We can do our coaching sessions one-to-one, via Skype (or another video conferencing platform of your choice), by phone at times. Every time the goals are checked and adjusted if needed, the results are discussed. Expect to be pushed beyond your limits, to the edge of your tolerance level, into your pain. Be prepared to work hard, let go and love.

Have questions? Contact us today: 1 (408) 596-48-87


It is a FULL package for a self-publishing authors. It includes: 3 mentoring sessions (1hr each) on demand for focus, accountability, time management, planning your book; consulting on how to publish your book at any platform of your choice (Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, BookBaby, Ridero, Selfpub (Литрес)); formatting your book and publishing it on your behalf on a platform of your choice (upon request, if all materials are ready).

► Initial Consultation:

An initial consultation is FREE. This package provides accountability for finishing your book and all support and work needed for your book publishing online in eBook and Paperback (print on demand) formats. We set timelines, goals and estimate the project.

► Finalizing your book:

Your 3 life-coaching sessions (1hr each) set you straight on the road of finishing your book and getting everything done on time. We can provide professional designer services for extra charge: proof reading, book cover design, eBook and paperback formatting. Your manager will be able to estimate the amount of work needed to successfully publish your book online.

► Creating your Book publishing account (platform of your choice) & submitting your book files:

Our professional team will guide you through the process of account creation. We can then add a book for you or professionally consult you on how to do that navigating through the process.

► Setting up road to success:

We make sure your book is online and is available in the regions/countries you need. We answer questions, we give personalized advice, we help you realize your dream! Publishing a book is a huge achievement for any person. So why wait? If you have something in mind, if you already have your manuscript but need a push and professional project management, you are in the right place.

Buy now our Book Writing & Self-Publishing Package to get it done right! Note: it does not include IT costs (file conversion, adjustment to match necessary guidelines of your publishing platform). Contact us if you have any questions.




If you are feeling stuck in your life, if you are looking for new business ideas, if you are overwhelmed and need to focus, try our 3-months program with one 1-hour session per week and continuous support. Achieve clarity on who you are and what you want. Discover your inner resources to achieve your goals. We will provide accountability on every step of your way.


Are you ready to start living in a new way? 6-months program with one 1-hour session per week is the one you may need. The program includes: goal setting, resource discovery, fears management, presence and awareness. You will be able to tap into your courage, creativity, flexibility and your core to boost your performance, tackle your habits and routines. All that is done to make you a new person: whole-self, well-rounded, complete, confident, fearless, open, successful individual. This person is determined to reach his goals and persistent on his way.


Accountability Club membership provides you with an ability to join our special community and start reaching your goals being accountable with your group partners. You will have your own accountability group with similar goals. EVERY WEEK you will be getting specially crafted challenges to help you transform yourself and open more opportunities for your future life. You also get 2 Private Consultations a month with a coach, monthly newsletters with tips and educational seminars. Membership fee is due every month. You can also get a 12-month package. Buy now: http://swoto.com/store/

Have questions? Now sure where to start?

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Tel: +1 (408) 596 4887

Email: info@swoto.com