Elena Lesnick


Elena Lesnick is a Mentor, Writer, IT business Professional & a mom of 2 kids. Having graduated from American Women's Coaching Academy, she has helped dozens of clients to achieve their goals since; has 17 years in IT project management.

Spheres of expertise:

► Book Publishing & Mentorship for Indie Authors

Breakthrough Coaching

► Transformation Coaching

► Fears Management

► Startups, IT & new Business Coaching

► Fulfillment

► Relationship guidance

► Enlightenment / flow /life purpose

I help my clients find their inner light and achieve their goals. Find your potential and get inspired by your dreams. Start living and breathing free of prejudice, judgment and barriers. Enjoy every day of your life. Find YOUR meaning. Embrace the world!

Start your own journey now may it be your business, new relationships, creativity or travels. If you are serious, if you are ready to work hard on yourself, if you are committed to regular exercise and if you are prepared to accept your SUCCESS - you are in the right place.

My books: "Angel and Fairy" on Ridero | "Angel and fairy" on Amazon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elena.kolyasnikova

Instagram: @elena_lesnick_coach

Diane Ismaleova


Diana Ismailova is a part of our SWOTO Coaching Team. She is a personal coach for successful women, business coach and a practicing psychologist. She works with our clients in Accountability Club Coaching Program.

More About Diana: Professional psychologist; Business lady: successfully started several businesses (network of flower shops, Natural Make up store); Event organizer: lead international cultural festivals, fashion and talent competitions. Diana was a CEO of an even agency and organized more than 100 corporate and private events.

Diana has profound knowledge in determining delicate connections between psychological state of a woman and her success in business. Where business becomes a representation of woman's full potential and personality. She is sure that developing personal special qualities allows to boost and grow your own business.

No matter at what point of your life you are now, it is important to understand WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

Spheres of expertise:

Business Coaching

► Success Coaching

► Time Management

► Startups Coaching

Diana works with people who are ready to go on their business journey, get profit from their talents and succeed. This can be your reality.Your success is closer than you can think.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coach.diana.ismailova/

Instagram: @ismailova_coach


Crafted, professional and inspired approach to every client we work with. Understanding your life's objectives and needs, followed by crafted coaching and on-going consulting - is our basic principle.


Proven life coaching methodologies are used together with innovative specially crafted approach for personal development and growth.

We create a CUSTOM SET of coaching programs to get exactly where YOU want to be.

We are always available for your support, questions and encouragement.

We understand your privacy issues. We value your trust. We are here to seamlessly help you organize your life and achieve YOUR dreams!